During our downtime due to engine overhaul we highly recommend a similar visual experience with Paradise Seaplanes. Click the photo to go to their website

Bell47 Helicopter Experience - Brisbane

Only 'Bubble Helicopter' Operator in Brisbane - Best Price - Guaranteed*

360 degree views - bubble cockpit!
Everybody sits at the front!
Doors off! (or on)
Bring Your Own Cameras
See all the sights
Iconic Rare Helicopter!

Fly over Brisbane City in a Helicopter Designed for Aerial Observation - the Iconic Bell 47

It does not matter if you are a local or visitor - you will see Brisbane in the most spectacular way possible!

Our Bell 47 helicopter will take you on a ride over and around the city of Brisbane showing you all the great landmarks.

We are the only company offering the iconic Bell47 for rides around Brisbane. Your trip will be a memory you cherish for forever. For a really special treat try the city by night on our Dusk Flight.

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